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Valaris secures Sasanof-1 contract

Drilling contract completed for Sasanof-1 well

Global Oil & Gas Limited (GLV) has announced that Western Gas and Valaris completed the drilling contract for the MS-1 semi-submersible rig to drill the Sasanof-1 exploration well.

Western Gas and Valaris have scheduled for drilling to start in March or April in 2022 after the rig relocates from the North West Shelf.

The well is located in WA-519-P around 2017 km northwest of Western Australia’s Onslow.

There are significant benefits from securing the MS-1 rig from its current regional program as it will deliver an efficient and safe drilling campaign.

Western Gas and Valaris plans for the well to be drilled to the total depth of around 2500 m in 1070 m of water, which will offer an inexpensive, high impact exploration well in a known and proven hydrocarbon province.

The cost of drilling is estimated to be $US20-25 million ($27.78-34.73 million), with the Sasanof-1 being vertical.

Western Gas executive director Will Barker said he was delighted to award Valaris the contract.

“[This is] given [Valaris’] global expertise backed by its extensive knowledge of operating offshore Western Australia,” he said.

“With the drilling slot locked in with Valaris and GLV secured as a partner, we are now well on our way to delivering one of the highest impact wells to be drilled on the North West Shelf in decades.”

GLV executive director Patric Glovac said the announcement marked a “major milestone” for Western Gas and GLV shareholders.

“Having the calibre and expertise of Valaris involved as rig operator should provide all out shareholders with an extra degree of confidence,” said Glovac.

Covering an area of up to 400 km2, the Sasanof Prospect is on trend and updip of Western Gas’ liquids rich, low C02 Mentorc Field.

ERCE has estimated that the Sasanof Prospect contains a 2U Prospective Resource of 7.2 Tcf gas and 176 million bbls condensate.

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