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Patriot Hydrogen inks contract with Sweetman

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Patriot Hydrogen has signed agreement with Sweetman Renewables for the supply of Patriot P2H hydrogen units.

Sweetman Renewables will purchase 1 P2H unit initially with plans to increase to 15 over the next two years.

The P2H Unit will have an initial green hydrogen production target of 1 tonne per day, with an anticipated scale up in production within the next 3 years.

The output of a single P2H Unit driving a local generator will produce approximately 750kWh of dispatchable power, enough to nearly fully power the whole Sweetman plant, lowering operational costs and alleviating the need for the company to solely rely on power from the grid.

Patriot outlined that its hydrogen P2H unit is also able to utilise waste and biomass to produce hydrogen or syngas as a fuel to power an engine driven generator set to deliver base load electricity in regional locations. In addition, the whole plant can be relocated to different operational sites, making it very suitable for mining and agricultural operations.

“This new technology uses pyrolysis to convert waste materials into gas (hydrogen-rich syngas or pyrolysis gas) and carbon biochar,” the company highlighted.

“The gas can be used a variety of ways including fuel for a thermal oxidiser to produce steam, for heat or for combined heat and electricity, or to fuel internal combustion technology to produce electricity. The hydrogen-rich gas can be further processed to recover just the hydrogen for domestic and export sales.”

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