APGA: industry stays safe despite challenges

At the 2019 APGA Annual Convention and Exhibition taking place this week in Adelaide, Australian Pipelines and Gas Association ( rel=”noreferrer noopener” aria-label=” (opens in a new tab)”>APGA) CEO Steve Davies said the nation’s gas transmission industry is rightfully proud of its outstanding safety record.

“Our gas transmission network is just over 24,000 km out of a total 45,000 km of high-pressure steel pipelines,” said Mr Davies.

“All the natural gas used across Australia is delivered by pipelines. Safely, reliably and affordably.”

Mr Davies said the Australian pipeline industry manages a unique set of challenges and conditions to do this safely due to its size compared to other countries.

“Australia has a total domestic gas demand about the same size as Switzerland. Switzerland sits in the middle of Europe and accounts for 1 per cent of Europe’s gas demand,” he said.

“Pipelines are the optimal infrastructure for the bulk transport of liquids and gases.

“Whether it is securing water supply for remote regions, moving slurry from a mine site to a processing facility or delivering energy around the country, pipelines are the infrastructure that does the task safely, reliably and efficiently.”

This week’s APGA Convention and Exhibition is the 51st incarnation of the event.

For more information visit the APGA website.

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