INPEX to survey WA permits

INPEX plans to undertake a 2D seismic survey of two exploration permits in the Browse and Canning Basins offshore Western Australia. Read more

BHP faces production declines

BHP’s crude oil, condensate and natural gas liquids production decreased by 14 per cent in the second half of 2020 compared with the previous period due to lower demand from Bass Strait and the North West Shelf (NWS). Read more

Chevron hit with Gorgon environmental regulations

Chevron Australia’s environmental licence at the Gorgon liquified natural gas (LNG) facility is set to be reviewed every 10 years following a new ruling by the Office of the Appeals Convenor of Western Australia. Read more

Prelude production makes a comeback

Shell Australia has confirmed that LNG shipments from the Prelude floating liquified natural gas (FLNG) vessel offshore Western Australia have resumed. Read more

Gorgon faces further LNG train repairs

Chevron has revealed that cracks that were found in the kettles of Train 2 at the Gorgon site offshore Western Australia have also been located in Train 1 following an inspection.
Read more