Galilee drilling program to accelerate Glenaras

Galilee Energy is confident in its Glenaras multi-lateral pilot program in the Galilee Basin, Queensland after Schlumberger revealed significant information from reservoir stimulation.
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Galilee unveils Glenaras pilot breakthrough

Galilee Energy has confirmed that the recently-drilled Glenaras 17A monitoring well in Queensland has provided positive information on the reservoir characteristics and vertical connectivity within the Betts Creek coal sequence. Read more

Galilee continues Glenaras pilot progress

Galilee Energy is preparing for the next stage of work at the Glenaras multi-well pilot project in Queensland after positive performance during the March quarter.   Read more

Galilee completes phase one Kumbarilla program

Galilee Energy has completed phase one of the Kumbarilla exploration program after reaching total depth at the third and final well and drilling through the complete Walloon subgroup. Read more

Galilee sets Kumbarilla drilling date

Galilee Energy has provided an update on its upcoming Kumbarilla and Glenaras drilling programs in the Surat and Galilee Basins, with lease preparation having commenced at Kumbarilla. Read more